Thunderpants In Action

Thunderpants In Action

If you ever needed any proof that Thunderpants are made to withstand some pretty tough stuff, here it is. A couple of weeks ago we put our thundies through their paces in a mud run to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

We crawled under cargo nets, scaled climbing walls, bounced on hoppers and slid into a big bath of muddy water. There was hilarity and there was mud... but first, a little warm-up...

And to master the all important jump shot...

 Nailed it... and we're off

 The muddy aftermath...

To preserve the vibrant colours and life of the fabric we recommend you don't soak or bleach your Thunderpants, use a gentle detergent in a cold machine wash and dry them on the line, not in the drier. SO taking our own advice we washed our muddy Thundies and here are the results...

Good as new!

Whatever your 'action' - yoga, dog walking, travelling, running around after kids, dancing around the living room, or marching for world peace, Thunderpants have got you covered - they'll stay in place, keep you comfortable and we guarantee they won't go up your bum.

*Disclaimer* We're not suggesting you make a habit of wearing your Thundies on the outside, but they're THAT good, you might be tempted to x 

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  • Ali on Nov 08, 2019

    Good women, wearing good pants, doing good work. This is inspiring underwear!

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