Our Story



In 2008 we set off to New Zealand in search of wilderness, adventure and the famous picturesque landscape. What we didn't expect to discover was the worlds comfiest undies, Thunderpants!

Shortly after deciding to make New Zealand our home, our paths crossed with two kick-ass sisters who began their dream of making sustainable undies back in 1995. We soon became part of the Thunderpants family and the rest is history as they say. Now, over a decade later we have returned to our homeland with our most precious cargo... our kids, our dog, Hendrix and our Thunderpants. 

Like a treasured family recipe that's been handed down through the generations, we've been entrusted with the holy grail of underpants to go forth and spread the pant joy throughout the UK and Europe. With each pair of Thunderpants we make in the UK we hope to not only bring you the comfiest, most creative, and ethical undies you've owned, but a slice of the values we've held dear for the past decade - like slowing down, not taking things too seriously and spending time on the important things in life.

We hope you love your Thunderpants as much as we do!

Lucy and Ross x